Evolving into clip-in pedals…

September 6, 2006

The day I decided to try clip in pedals for the first time ever (late 90’s), and while mountain biking. Yeah, fun at first for about 5 minutes, then the terrain changed to a steep down hill with some muddy hair pin switchbacks… I vividly remember plowing through the switchback and fully commited, when I should have turned. Then oddly feeling like I was falling out of an airplane (by the way the frist airplane I’ve ever flown in I jumped out of, I was skydiving on my 23rd B-Day). I was flipping in more of a constant flailing cartwheel motion with the bike still attached – sky, trees, dirt, sky, trees, dirt, sky, trees, gravel, stump thump, and finally overwhelming dizziness. It was a character building event, and HEY no broken bones mom, just me bruised ego. Moral of the story? Always wear your helmet, AND for most folks I do not recommend mountain biking with clip in pedals for the first time, learn to use them on your road bike first.


Why I love Bike Friday

September 6, 2006

Bicycles are my passion! I have been in love with bikes since the age of six, when I was given my first silver BMX bike. The freedom and feeling of exploring the world was all I thought of, and still do.

I have been at Bike Friday for nearly seven years now, working in just about every department here. Starting with production for two years as a painter, single & tandem line pre-assembly, & product testing. The last five years in marketing & custom bike consulting. I enjoy the time I spend here.

I now own four amazing BFs that I have built myself:

1.) Pocket Llama, my all-around recreational bike for commuting/mtb./touring.

2.) Pocket Rocket Pro, my sporty road racing bike.

3.) Triple Tandem XL – fun rides w/family & friends, tandem rallies, & tours.

4.) Finally my SatRDay recumbent, fun, relaxed, and great for recreational rides, commuting , and long distance touring.

I have been to Australia several times with my BF’s, and have also traveled around the USA & Canada as well.

Please let me know what I can do to help improve your cycling passion. Contact me at Peterb@bikefriday.com (anytime) or 800-777-0258 ext. 139. While I can help anyone anywhere, I am also the Australian consultant here in the U.S. I have matched 2000+ happy Bike Friday owners with the bicycles of their dreams. The world is yours, go explore it!